Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the princess's problem

well we took the princess for her six month check up and everything seemed ok execpt her head measured small so the dr. ordered a mri.. we got the results back today and they are not that great she has been diagonosed with Microcephaly .. you can google it if you want .. Right now im still reeling from this and trying to wrap my head around it.. I am leaning on my faith in Jesus to get me thru this as i know he wont give you more than you can handle and that everything happens for a reason. please pray for us as we start down this journey to helping her as best as we can..
here is a pic of miss bossy and the princess at a recent pageant.. and a pic of captain destruco is below

Monday, August 2, 2010

life is crazy

well life has been busy on the ridge, we all were sick for about 2 weeks , finally got everyone well and then we started remodeling our bathroom this weekend cause the hot water heater broke and the floor got wet and fell in .. Captain Destructo started goin to his special needs school in june and is making some great progress. the princess just had her six month check up and is doing well. miss bossy is bossy as ever.. she won 2nd runner up ina local pageant recently and we are SUPER proud of her.. below are some pics of our pageant girls..

miss bossy

bossy and the princess

the princess

miss bossy and her sash