Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the princess's problem

well we took the princess for her six month check up and everything seemed ok execpt her head measured small so the dr. ordered a mri.. we got the results back today and they are not that great she has been diagonosed with Microcephaly .. you can google it if you want .. Right now im still reeling from this and trying to wrap my head around it.. I am leaning on my faith in Jesus to get me thru this as i know he wont give you more than you can handle and that everything happens for a reason. please pray for us as we start down this journey to helping her as best as we can..
here is a pic of miss bossy and the princess at a recent pageant.. and a pic of captain destruco is below

Monday, August 2, 2010

life is crazy

well life has been busy on the ridge, we all were sick for about 2 weeks , finally got everyone well and then we started remodeling our bathroom this weekend cause the hot water heater broke and the floor got wet and fell in .. Captain Destructo started goin to his special needs school in june and is making some great progress. the princess just had her six month check up and is doing well. miss bossy is bossy as ever.. she won 2nd runner up ina local pageant recently and we are SUPER proud of her.. below are some pics of our pageant girls..

miss bossy

bossy and the princess

the princess

miss bossy and her sash

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Follow Me Back Tuesday

Follow Me Back Tuesday ~June 1st

so i found this new MEME.. I just copied what i read a pasted cause im lazy and it was easy.

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Friday, May 28, 2010


yesterday we took the kids to the lake near our house swimming. we had a BBQ picnic and a good time it was princess's 1st time

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My sweet princess

Well I had an eventful day today.. Started out with doctors appointments for miss bossy and the princess.. they had to get shots.. miss bossy for a school check up she will be in pre k and the princess for her four month check up .. a friend watch captain destructo for me and after we came back we visited for a while and captain destructo fell and whacked his nose on the coffee table.so back to the doctor we went .he has a small fracture but it is ok . he will get a couple black eyes and will be fine.. The girls are both grumpy and running fevers so i am the official Tylenol dispenser tonight. Got some good sleep last night .. Hope that is a trend that continues I m so exhausted.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

we have been busy

im so lazy these days , Im staying busy , working on several crochet orders i have thru my etsy shop and from my friends who have had babies, we are working on the house finishing it up , we have paint, trim, doors , a tub, flooring all kinds of stuff to work on this week and we are goin to silver dollar city sometime. Friday night we took the kids to a truck pull , captain destruct o LOVED It, miss bossy wined cause it hurt her ears and lil princess slept threw most of it. Saturday the girls did a pageant and then we took them to the park to play. today we were going to go to silver dollar city but well all slept till 11am so we just hung around the house and then went to town. Im not going to blog nearly as much as i used to on the old blog i deleted cause it just takes up to much time from my hubby and kids.

Monday, May 17, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday I went to a knitting class and learned many new things.. On Sunday we skipped church and went to springfield, and did some shopping . I purchased some Pul fabric for my homemade cloth diapers , a set of double point knitting needles and nine balls of yarn . Eight balls are sock yarn for socks I m goin to make and the other is for a skirt to knit for Ellie, I also go a pattern book. DH got to go to the tool store and get a few things . We took the kids to bass pro to look around and they had a blast. Then Hubby surprised me by taking me to Apple Bee's and it was SO good. He also said at the end of the month we were goin to take a mini vaca to Springfield/branson and go to silver dollar city, camp out and the zoo in Springfield. I cant wait to do more "family" things. Life is SO good right now. Our marriage is the best it has ever been , we are communicating and agreeing and with some consistent disciple the kids are behaving much better.I am so happy for a change.