Monday, May 17, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday I went to a knitting class and learned many new things.. On Sunday we skipped church and went to springfield, and did some shopping . I purchased some Pul fabric for my homemade cloth diapers , a set of double point knitting needles and nine balls of yarn . Eight balls are sock yarn for socks I m goin to make and the other is for a skirt to knit for Ellie, I also go a pattern book. DH got to go to the tool store and get a few things . We took the kids to bass pro to look around and they had a blast. Then Hubby surprised me by taking me to Apple Bee's and it was SO good. He also said at the end of the month we were goin to take a mini vaca to Springfield/branson and go to silver dollar city, camp out and the zoo in Springfield. I cant wait to do more "family" things. Life is SO good right now. Our marriage is the best it has ever been , we are communicating and agreeing and with some consistent disciple the kids are behaving much better.I am so happy for a change.

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