Tuesday, May 18, 2010

we have been busy

im so lazy these days , Im staying busy , working on several crochet orders i have thru my etsy shop and from my friends who have had babies, we are working on the house finishing it up , we have paint, trim, doors , a tub, flooring all kinds of stuff to work on this week and we are goin to silver dollar city sometime. Friday night we took the kids to a truck pull , captain destruct o LOVED It, miss bossy wined cause it hurt her ears and lil princess slept threw most of it. Saturday the girls did a pageant and then we took them to the park to play. today we were going to go to silver dollar city but well all slept till 11am so we just hung around the house and then went to town. Im not going to blog nearly as much as i used to on the old blog i deleted cause it just takes up to much time from my hubby and kids.

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